My VPN makes Google serve pages in german. The other day I realized the macaroni package in my cupboard had german writing… for half a second I wanted to cuss my VPN…

Definitely time to leave the house and take a walk IRL…

Oh, and yes, I think that’s in fact dutch…

I’m going to see a lake about a fish…


“Why the hell did you bomb the mall?”
“Well, you said, ‘kill the mall…’”
“I said, ‘kill them all!‘”
“Oh, eh… well…” Motions for the mall-carnage on TV. “Ta-da…”
“You missed some…”

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PMS jokes aren’t funny. Period.

It’s one thing to want to blow the whistle. It’s a completely different thing to want to blow it up…

Facts without interpretation is like meat without cooking; a bloody mess….

By Luna, CC0 Public Domain, Link

It just occurred to me; someone once said, people swallow on average 15 flies per year. Now, I seem to recall instances where there was an annoying fly in the evening that had magically disappeared in the morning…

– I was just making a joke…
– No, you didn’t… you tried making a joke.


By Edward Hopper, Public Domain, Link

Inco G. Nito and S. T. Ranger walks into a bar. In a corner sits An on Y. Mous.
– Seriously? Who are these people?
– No clue…

– According to my prophetic vision, today is the day existence ends!
– Oh! Exalted Leader! How long do we have left?
– Since the destruction of existence begins at the edge of the universe and travels inwards I’d say 50 billion years, give or take… Hey! Where’s everybody going?

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