41 Active Visitors from ISS - The sharpest minds read Talkwards!

41 active visitors from International Space Station

Fresh off Google Analytics: 41 active visitors from International Space Station

41 visitors from ISS (The International Space Station)!

Now, given my usual visit stats... this means a majority of my visitors come from ISS! Woh! So, only the worlds sharpest minds read my blog.

But wait?! How many people are there up there actually? 41 active visitors... that must be one crowded control room!

Checking the net tells me there's only 6 people up there... guys! did you start an ISP?!

Another nagging problem is... the big fat zero up in the top left side of the image...

Can this be a bug? Nah! The zero must be the bug and I am sure those six astronauts are like super smart and obviously they have several browsers going at once... I mean, they need to get all articles quick? Right?

So, Hi to you ISS personnel up there! I hope you enjoy my blog! :D

Oh, if you're wondering how all this happened, it's hardly the most amazing thing to happen today:

April fools! :-)