About this Site

I’m writing about a lot of things. Because I’m interested in them all. Or because I just can’t make up my mind about what to write about. So I write about everything instead. I do not, however, blog whenever I do something, so there will be very few “reading the paper on the john”-posts here. 🙂

Once upon a time, I had a bunch of ambition (= a bunch of blogs!) I soon realized that having lots of blogs did not make me post more, rather the opposite and my blogs echoed emptily. So, I decided to try to keep everything on one site and update just one blog. The upside was I got some action going on the site.

The downside; I was all over the place. Search engines did not like this and I had my tremendous 3 visits a week (or was it per month?)

So, I discovered that you can run several blogs in one installation (called WordPress Multisite). This made maintenance much easier and I also got the content going even more (one post per week on this site, although most of them are snippets). Unfortunately, this finally made me run into another roadblock; my ISP, and their CPU usage quota.

After some deliberation and analysis of traffic, I decided it was not the time to move my blog to a separate server. I am not at all sure the large number of visitors are genuine readers, and not just bots and hackers and whatnot.

So, I’ve decided to move Talkwards to Jekyll, a static site generator. Using Google Custom Search Engine and Disqus should satisfy any needs of the public. Not that I’ve had so many comments… or even one…

The other sites will still be Wordpress (I’m monitoring the situation with the CPU-load… maybe it’ll be enough to move just one site… yeah, right!)

My other sites are:

  • aspiemind.com - for the Asperger and ADHD related posts.
  • endless-odyssey.com (under construction) - for the channeling, religion etc related posts. (previously transverbal.com)
  • mindfulfillment.com (also under construction) - for posts relating to mindfulness, productivity and similar.

I hope you enjoy the blog(s), and I’ll try to keep this page up to date with the overall ambition of the site. The blog posts, of course, contain the … well not day-to-day, but “fairly recent”… info on what’s up.

What does Talkwards stand for?

It’s a direction you can move in… like forwards, backward… talkwards… 😀

Sometimes it’s also the art of guarding (warding) the right to talk… um although that interpretation seems to also suggest there may be a prison or a hospital involved… 😯 … Ah well…

Another meaning of Talkwards comes from backward-talking, or as it should probably be called; backing talkwards… (although my favorite backward version for Talking Backwards is Balking Tackwards … but I guess people might balk at that … hehehe)


This site uses a heavily modified version of the Strata theme using a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, and designed by HTML5 UP and Comfusion LLC.

If my “git-fu” would allow it, I’d make my changes available to anyone… But if you ask nicely I might be able to create a zip of the relevant files… with the caveat that the changes of the theme are ongoing, and it is very much a beta-version.

Copyright, legal etc

The information on this site is provided as is. I have no degree whatsoever, not even in Computer Science (a half semester of thesis work shy of one though). If you do not know what you are doing when using information from this site, then you are strongly recommended NOT to use such information before having consulted a professional with the proper knowledge and insight into your situation.

If you want to mention or quote my blog (quoting size etc along the same guidelines you’d use for, e.g. a school paper, thesis or similar) just link back to the site and it’s OK.

In the case of pictures or longer sections of text, “all rights reserved” is the general practice here. Please contact me with any suggestions or offers before using the material. (Note: where I come from copyright is “opt out” not “opt in” so the lack of a ©-sign or copyright notice is not an excuse to do anything with the material…)

Naturally, all pictures used on this site that is in the public domain or has a usage license that allows them to be used can also be used by you. I should have provided a link to the source in such cases (and I have, in the majority of cases, put image attributions below the image).

If you feel that a picture you have the copyright to have been erroneously used on this site, just comment on the page where the picture is used (or mail me), and if you do not add links to Viagra sites :D, your comment will not be spam filtered, and I’ll make sure I do not infringe on your rights!