Changing Things Around Again

So, I’ve decided to change things around… again.

This time I’m moving this site to Jekyll, a static site generator.

The reason for this is that my ISP (Dreamhost) informed me that the Wordpress Multisite is running on (together with a handful other sites) is running into the CPU-usage roof several thousand times a month.

Apparently, that results in a 500 Server error. Not a pretty sight for a visitor.

One option was to move all my sites to a VPS (Virtual Private Server, or simply a separate server) but that would cost even more money than the basic Dreamhost account already costs, and would be out of budget…

Another thing I did was looking at the traffic data for my sites and I am not at all sure all visitors are really humans, and not bots trying to spam comment or hackers trying to hack…

A static site solves several of these problems. The load on the server will be only from serving pages. The hackers will not be so happy because you can always try to hack the web server but you can’t really hack an HTML-page…

But wait, you say, how about the furious discussions in the comment sections that last for days and keep the economy of coffee producers well above average?!? Well, I’ve hooked in Disqus on the longer pieces… maybe I’ll do it on the snippets as well if the need arises (not that I’ve had a tremendous storm of comments, non-spam comments, I might add, but my brother might want to comment again within a decade…) :O

If you miss the spiffy Wordpress search, I’ve added Google Custom Search Engine under the magnifier icon on the sidebar/footer. However, examining those results closer tells me I haven’t been doing such a good job of SEO:ing my site, since it produces hits to pages with no such term due to random content and related content or results with page indexes etc.

The search is a work in progress, but we’ll all be glad once I’ve done it! :D

Another thing that is a work in progress is older posts. These guys may sometimes be a bit rough at the edges, but as inspiration strike, I’ll go through them all and try to give them the proper design and all.

For now, the 10 or so first pages (100 posts) are converted.

Enjoy the new and hopefully much faster site!