jsoup: Java HTML Parser

jsoup is a java HTML-parser that allows  you to navigate elements in the HTML via DOM-methods or selector-syntax. You can then extract attributes, text and HTML from the selected elements. Continue reading →

To rrent

"I only tried to rrent those movies," said the file sharer in court. But nope, he still went to jail. Everybody knows you can't rent movies anymore. You get 26 accounts on 26 out of 28 online video sites to see the newest and latest movies. And don't forget the... Continue reading →

Victor Vasnetsov, Knight at the Crossroads, Google Art Project

Sir Veillance, the only knight left in the court.

Merry Christmas Ho!

Chat exchange: - Merry Christmas! - Hi Ho! Hi Ho! - Are you calling me a Ho, you bastard? Ho or no ho! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday! :D Uh, and a happy new year... and well, you know how it goes! Continue reading →
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