Saturn’s hexagonal storm

Did you know there's a storm on Saturn's north pole that is shaped as a hexagon? So, what is this? Alien tech? Are we living in the matrix? Most likely none of the above... Here's an example of how this happens in a fluid: And here's how a wobbly drill... Continue reading →

By Eddi van W.

Google glass – resistance is futile!

See the similarities? I think the BoRG collective has arrived and become board members of Google!

Google glass - resistance is futile

We need more money because we can’t plan

Three identical cases, no? Housing company; we need to raise the rent considerably because we have a lot of planned renovations to perform this year Power company; we need to raise the network charge considerably because we have a lot of old nets that need to be fixed this year... Continue reading →

Being a hero sucks

Being a hero sucks; wherever I go there's conflict and drama and whatever I try to do there's always complications! And it's all because of these pompous authors! I hate them! Continue reading →

Surveillance society

Police: You're under arrest for treason! Citizen: Why? Police: You are having a dream about assassinating the president. Citizen: But that's not the president! It's my father... with a president-mask. Police: OK, then it's conspiracy to commit murder... Citizen: OK. Continue reading →

National Soul

Do I believe in a national soul? Sure, I believe in a national mind too, and I believe a bunch of those national minds should visit a therapist... Update: One of the problems with discriminative speech is that you're not always realizing you're doing it. The above comment can be... Continue reading →

Installing a mouse on Windows

After having tried to install a mouse (yes you heard me right, install a mouse) on Windows (now it makes sense, right?) I'm expecting to see a three headed dog walking on its hind legs. Now, my mouse (my Microsoft mouse) was not supported by my computer (running Windows) so... Continue reading →
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