Anschluss 2.0

Anschluss 2.0: Happening right now at a Russian-Ukranian border near you... I mean, if Putin was any smart, he'd claim there was weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine, that would have worked, but using propaganda about threatened Russian speakers and arranging a ballot where 97% is for a separation... that... Continue reading →

Spy school

- I failed spy school. - Why? - They asked me if I could ever see myself lying and I told them I had never lied in my whole life. - And? - They kicked me out... idiots! Continue reading →

- How do I know what operating system it is?
- Well, what does it do?
- It doesn't do anything, it just sits there and "twirls"... very style-fully... ish...
- Then it's probably Windows...

“Priority to the right” rule

Personality based interpretations of the "Priority to the right"-rule. Type-B personality: The "Priority to the right" rule means I should give way to vehicles approaching from the right at intersections. Type-A personality: The "Priority to the right" rule means I can run down people coming from the left at intersections.... Continue reading →

Anti-virus for your phone

Do you have an anti-virus program for your phone? You may not think of it as such, but if you have one of the more modern Smart Phones out there (iPhone, Android) you're carrying around a small computer with more capacity than a desktop or laptop computer with a few... Continue reading →

Backing up Concerned Files

I work with installing and configuring software products. The following "documentation" on backup procedures for an imaginary software system called "Wolfram Idea Management" came to me in the half asleep/half awake stage just after waking up, but kind of before realizing it has happened. And, no, I hope this has... Continue reading →
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