Splitting up Talkwards

I'm at it again! After having installed Wordpress Multisite I am able to run several blogs without the hassle of having to keep them all up to date! So now I have moved, or am in the process of moving, some of my posts to other sites: aspiemind.com - for... Continue reading →

Rambaldi in Commuter Train Business?

In Stockholm, where I live, we have commuter trains from somewhere in Europe (I think in-fact they are from Italy). The trains have buttons that can be pressed to open the doors. On the inside and outside. These buttons, if one can even call them buttons since they neither have... Continue reading →

WordPress RSS Feeds: Create Your Own Links

I decided, after some "experiences" to add a blog post about adding a link to the WordPress RSS feed of your site. I may be missing something, or may not have come across the right plug-in or something else, however, I was unable to add RSS to my site. Either... Continue reading →

Improvisation Freeze Stuns Grand Central Station

When working with theater there are a number of different improvisation or acting exercises you can perform. The freeze is especially useful in improvised drama exercises. I was once part of an exercise where half the group was parents and the other half was children. The whole exercise went on... Continue reading →

Lord Hoakz of Chaol Ghleann

Should I take the deal? Think about it! Becoming a real Scottish Lord! Lord Hoakz of Chaol Ghleann! Mmmm. Wow! Of course, it would cost me £24 per square feet! So it'd most likely be something like "Lord Hoakz of square foot 12789 of Chaol Ghleann"... (If you happen to... Continue reading →

watch - Linux command

The Linux watch command is a nifty little tool that can be used when you want to keep the result of a command under constant watch. Here's a sample for watching the /proc/mdstat file. watch -n1 cat /proc/mdstat The "-n1"-switch tells watch to refresh every "1" second ("-n2" would consequently... Continue reading →
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