Tautology, anyone?

He could feel the room being charged with tension so palpable that the air felt electric. Sometimes there's an accident by the keyboard. This one came jumping at me (although it was originally in Swedish...) Continue reading →

Why the death penalty is wrong

Here's my list of reasons why the death penalty is wrong. Read and enjoy! Can you give life back to the dead? I think the best reason not to use the death penalty is found in the Lord of the Rings: "Many that live deserve death. And some that die... Continue reading →

Unity tip: Open more than one instance of a program

Clicking on a program icon on the Dash. In Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, using Unity, if you have opened an instance of a program, clicking the application icon for that program again will only select the most recently displayed window of that program. Clicking again displays all windows of that program... Continue reading →

Violinists that are "crazy" - but good

Being a violinist means you have to be a sober, stationary person. Preferably a member of some philharmonic orchestra. Like this, right? That you could behave like a rock star on stage is completely unlikely, or inappropriate, right? Or dance and play the violin? No way! True? Well, not so!... Continue reading →
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