The world did not end in 2012!

Hey! If you can read this, the world did not end in 2012! (However, if you cannot read this there may be a bunch of different reasons... like did I pay my ISP? Is my ISP still there? Are your browser working? Is the cable in the ... hey... why... Continue reading →

Google translate is safe...

It seems Google Translate has little to fear from the competition. The site poses the following question on one page: How to say "hon wisperd säger ord i mitt öra att förbaskat nära made my toes curl" in... The short answer: you certainly do not... at least not in... Continue reading →

Happy Holiday Greetings

Happy holiday greetings! ...from Talkwards! Light a candle (or several), hug a friend and have a very nice weekend! Oh, and don't leave the candles unattended and be sure to put them out properly! :D Continue reading →

Fear of the Dark piano tribute

In celebration of the Winter Solstice (the shortest day and longest night of the year - in the northern hemisphere), I've come across a youtube vid to get you through... and maybe even make mom and pop dig Maiden! :D Although, I'm not certain a Chopin or Mozart aficionado will... Continue reading →

Those who think they're not communicating....

I came across a quote some years ago. I wasn't able to find it now but it went something along the line that anyone wanting to send a message in film should go to the telegraph office instead. My spontaneous thought is: Those who think they can open their mouth... Continue reading →

The last special date in 89 years is right now...

[caption id="attachment_1420" align="alignright" width="350"] photo by Setaou_ on Flickr[/caption] As I said around three years ago (September 9, 2009) there have been some special dates since 2001. Basically moments in time when year (ah well at least the last two digits of the year), month, day, hour, minute (well I... Continue reading →
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