Winter has come!

This morning the whole world was covered in snow! Very nice looking. Very bad for commuter traffic! But closer to Stockholm it was mostly slosh and puddles. I just felt I had to share this picture since some Swedish winters are just so gorgeously beautiful. They say this winter will... Continue reading →

Backwards Firefox Update... Bad Firefox!

I just upgraded my Firefox and afterwards Firefox update as usual checked what plug-ins would be compatible or not... Today Tab Mix Plus wasn't compatible and Shazam! All my tabs are lost (or at least they are gone for now, I can only assume lost to never be found again...)... Continue reading →

Game of Fuckin' Thrones!

Some of the more engaged fans have made a pretty good interpretation of the Game of Thrones intro/theme... It made me laugh! On a more serious note... hurry enjoying this clip... it will most likely be removed by the people owning the Game of Thrones trademark (yeah, the ones that... Continue reading →


When you think somebody is stupid, there are two possibilities: They are, in fact, stupid. You are too stupid to understand them. ;o) Continue reading →

Time to put the IT-business out of its misery?

I just came across this article about the Apple-Samsung battle: I've decided software patents pisses me off... and if they are allowed to be honoured 100% as patent laws intends it... we could just put the IT-business out of its misery and go back to pen and paper (unless... Continue reading →
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