Sun Tzu's Art of War - Agile...

A quote from the Art of War that might have some baring on Agile development techniques: 31. Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows; the soldier works out his victory in relation to the foe whom he is facing. 32. Therefore, just... Continue reading →

Random thought: Extreme situations

One of the more deadly things you can do is to act normally in an extreme situation. This goes for extreme weather situations, being taken hostage, living on a planet that may be dying, etc.  etc.  Basically I believe panic will make you react in a predefined way, while keeping... Continue reading →


Humans are  in fact not that different to other species. We make a little bit more complex sounds and our territorial behavior is a bit more involved, but to say we're the crown of creation is rather self involved. The most that can be said about mankind's standing in the... Continue reading →

Random thought: Windows disproves Darwinism

Microsoft Windows is the unique case that disproves Darwin's theories of natural evolution and survival of the fittest while at the same time supplying no support for the main theory opposing Darwinism, the so called Intelligent Design Theory.  It is obvious the existence of a system such as Microsoft Windows... Continue reading →

SQL-Injections, the two most common types

Opening a site Google has listed as spreading malicious software via the browser. In this case the site was the victim of SQL-injections. What are SQL-injections? How can they affect my site? How does it happen and how can I avoid it? Your site may already be under attack, but... Continue reading →

Search and Replace in MySQL

I've come across a problem in one of my projects at work. It consists of searching and replacing data in a MySQL server. The data to be replaced is an old URL used in lots of text fields all over the place, it is the customers own site URL but... Continue reading →

Who writes GNU/Linux?

You may have thought GNU/Linux was written by idealistic Unix Gurus camped up with a bunch of Jolt-Colas in their mom's basement, but a recent report from the Linux Foundation states the opposite. Since Linux kernel version 2.6.11 in Mars 2005 the number of developers has grown from 483 to... Continue reading →
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