The Buckyball (Buckminsterfullerene) is a soccerball-looking molecule made up of 60 carbon atoms. Yahoo reports the use of this and similar materials to produce a material 20 times lighter than steel and potentially 500 times stronger. See: http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/081018/tec_buckypaper.html Continue reading →

FTP with Wget

I've just had the total pain of trying to get files (a lot of files, in a lot of directories) via a musty old FTP client (in Linux/Ubuntu). The problem is that the FTP client (ftp) doesn't offer much to help (like recursive downloads, or mapping up the directories on... Continue reading →

Open UP

Anybody who ever came into contact with RUP (which is the name of Rational's -- now IBM's -- version of the Unified Process) may have stumbled upon their web application created to support the process. In there you can find work flows, actor and artifact definitions, templates etc etc. I... Continue reading →

Using Statistical Analysis to Create Intrusion Detection

Professor Avishai Wool presents a system that protects GNU/Linux machines from intrusion and malicious program code by using statistical analysis and policy files defining a programs normal behavior, and if that program deviates from said behavior the system stops it. Since the analysis is hooked into standard GNU/Linux build tools... Continue reading →

Four Still lifes

A couple of years ago, when I've just about purchased my Nikon D50 I snapped off a number of "still life" like pictures. These are the sometimes unusual things you just happen to have lying around in an otherwise rather uninteresting apartment. This is obviously one of the first things... Continue reading →

Electornic Art's Spore sued because of its DRM

Electronic Art's game Spore was on September 22nd hit by a class action lawsuit because of its DRM (Digital Restrictions/Rights Management). Or actually the fact that the DRM was secretly installed and made uninstallable. However, I am fairly certain the lawsuit wont fly. EA told those buyers there was a... Continue reading →
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