Earth Overshoot Day

Oops! We used up the last resources of our planet yesterday... Should I be worried since it was my birthday? :O (Or perhaps I have completely other reasons for concern?) The concept was apparently invented by Global Footprint Network. Here's a link to their overshoot page: Continue reading →

Balking Talkwards

I woke up this morning after having gotten about 5 hours of sleep, however, I've snoozed wildly for about two hours so I was in fact in real trouble. Crawling to the edge of the bed and forcing my legs over the side I happened to look at the clock... Continue reading →

Disassociating .EXE-files

I am clumsy. I can only confess. But I still think what I did should not be possible to do. I mean, it's not like having a foundation is optional when building a house... why should running exe-files as executables be an option? Okay, this is what I did: I... Continue reading →

Review: Children of Glory (4/5)

Children of Glory (2006), or Szabads√°g, szerelem, as the original is named, is about Karcsi Szab√≥, a member of the Hungarian Olympic water polo team. How he meets Viki Falk, falls in love with her, gets involved in the 1956 Hungarian revolution against the Soviet Union and finally goes to the Olympics to play the Soviet Union water polo team in what will become known as one of the bloodiest matches in the history of water polo. Continue reading →

Naivized by Linux

I'm all for Linux. Really. I love it, even though it's from time to time a hate-love. However, I just realized one thing Linux has done to me that isn't so good when you are forced to work and live in Windowsland. I've become totally naive when it comes to... Continue reading →

Weather Report: "Rain Mist"

Even though it's usually considered too polite to talk weather, the kind of weather I just passed through on my way to lunch does merit a comment. Usually when it rains in Sweden it pours down so violently you have 5 cms of water covering the ground, or if the... Continue reading →

Hacking Windows Remote Connection (MSTSC.EXE)

WARNING: The below tip will kick out one of the already logged in users. This behavior may have been added after I came up with this advice, or I've always been the evil person on the block :D Ever been turned down by a Windows machine over Remote Desktop because... Continue reading →

Stargate Atlantis: Whispers (4/5)

Episode 7 of Stargate Atlantis season 5 starts on a foggy Gate World planet where two persons, apparently natives make their way through the fog. As they move on they come upon a sitting figure turned with her back at them. They approach and we can all see something bad... Continue reading →
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