If you feel your app requires a manual, you’re probably not doing it right!

Oh, the marvels of modern technology! It’s really a super fit for original people like me! I have one of my super original thoughts, I put it on my blog and only minutes later I can literally find hundreds, even thousands of people who have embraced it! Wow! Technology!

A to B: Good morning!
B: Drop dead!
A: What!?
C: He suffers from Personality Displacement Disorder today…

When God uninstalls Linux, the Devil installs Windows…

Jokes about German sausage is the wurst.

Complicated answers to simple questions:

– What’s your hair color?
– In what light and against what background?
– Ehhh…

By Matthew Paul Argall - Own work, CC0, Link

Legalese for Stop

What if the most unhinged lawyer was allowed to write the legal text for the use of the stop-sign? The following might be what he or she might come up with. If a person, defined as a two legged mammal of the species Homo Sapiens, over the age of 16,... Continue reading →

“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”


If you stop calling your enemies your life will quickly become less dramatic and you can do funnier stuff than having enemies all over the place.

Or another way of saying it:

– Aren’t you supposed to keep your enemies close?
– Whomever said that cannot have had many enemies…

People that claim they are using facts to argue their side usually don’t understand that facts almost never exist alone in the head of a person – they are almost always accompanied by an interpretation.

So, the argument is not about facts, but about interpretations of facts. And those come in as many flavors as there are people there to interpret.

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