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Linguistic irony: when someone tries to correct your grammar and spells it “grammer”…

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– Neighbors, can’t live with them, can’t blow them up…
– Why not?
– Because they live next doors! How would you like it if someone set off a bomb where you lived?

– He’s a chest nut!
– A chestnut?
– He always go for the chick with the biggest boobs.

I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. I can’t put it down.

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Why SETI Haven't Found Alien Radio Signals

Here are a few suggestions that doesn’t require the Fermi Paradox to be true, or, for that matter, the theory that we’re the only intelligent or living creatures out there (The Fermi Paradox is in short; since we haven’t heard from any aliens, they’re all dead). Because radio is too... Continue reading →

He’s got a mind like a computer, unfortunately it’s a Commodore 64.

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