"darth vader" by gtartwork, Link

I am become Darth, Destroyer of Worlds.

I tried to catch some fog. I mist.

Tragic misreading: survival of the fattest…

Rule 1: There are no truths, except for rule 1.

One choice eliminates endless possibilities. That’s why choosing is so scary. However, as much as we’d like to postpone choices in order to keep our options open, abstaining from choosing is also making a choice. It’s usually a choice to give up control.

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Dear Microsoft

While desperately trying to contact Microsoft and finally giving up I just grabbed my keyboard, and the following is what happened… Spoiler: I have not, by some archaic form of ancient magic witchcraft voodoo been able to contact Microsoft… Dear Microsoft, This is an open letter to you people at... Continue reading →

– Let’s deal with this like grown-ups…
– Yeah? What do you suggest? Start a war, or something?

The right thing is not necessarily a good thing, sometimes it’s just the least bad alternative, and when you find yourself resorting to a lot of least bad alternatives you might want to stop and think about where you life is heading.

www.whereisip.net – tool for locating the address (as in physical street adress) of an IP-number.

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