If your country has the death penalty, it can be used in a future genocide.

How? As a justification. People can tell themselves: “they are likely ruthless criminals. They would have been put down anyway. In this crisis, we can’t afford them the whole due process. The end result would have been the same anyway…”

Would it be a lie? Of course it would. Would it help people sleep better at night? Probably…

Changing Things Around Again

So, I’ve decided to change things around… again. This time I’m moving this site to Jekyll, a static site generator. The reason for this is that my ISP (Dreamhost) informed me that the Wordpress Multisite Talkwards.com is running on (together with a handful other sites) is running into the CPU-usage... Continue reading →

This Previous Weekend: The Swedish Trumpathon

How US president Donald Trump managed to make the world think Sweden was attacked by terrorists (except the Swedes, whose state department had to ask the US what their president was talking about). Last Friday the following aired on Fox News: (here’s a bit of a fact check on the... Continue reading →

Facerape: No You Weren't Fucking Raped!

I just came across the word “facerape” (which I hotly do not recommend) and I was astounded to find out it’s relationship to Facebook. This week’s unrecommended word: Facerape Facerape: The act of abusing someone’s Facebook account on a computer where they have left themselves logged in. (Urban dictionary). So,... Continue reading →

The Fucking Goat Problem

The fucking Goat Problem, or how to make a bunch of young people feel like idiots. Now, a trauma from my school years. No, it doesn’t involve goats, and it doesn’t involve fucking! I’m no fucking hillbilly! No goat fucking! However, the question at hand involves goats and farmers and... Continue reading →

By BTCKeychain under Creative Commons licensing

A New Way to Perform Online Commerce?

Keeping the Bitcoin system running takes a lot of computing power, and in order to shop online, you need money. Can the two problems be solved with one solution? Tidbit In November 2013, Jeremy Rubin, a 19 year old MIT student, developed a JavaScript program called Tidbit. This program was... Continue reading →
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